IPA Securities Investment Fund Management Company 

Established in 2008, IPAAM is now a 100%- owned subsidiary of VNDirect. IPAAM provides fund management, portfolio management and securities investment advisory services to individual and institutional investors, perfecting VNDirect’s diverse financial product system.


IPAAM’s core value

  • Technology: IPAAM and VNDirect have the market-leading technology strength, supporting with analysing, monitoring, managing investment and administrating investing risks. We own an asset management platform that helps investors trade various types of investment assets (including fund certificates) online conveniently, safely and quickly.
  • People: We have a team of professional, honest and dedicated investment management experts. Each individual has intensive experience in asset management with many years working at domestic and international financial institutions. We always set the principle of ethical compliance as the most important factor when developing a compliance and internal control system to ensure transparency and quality in the products and services provided. With more than 80 years of experience, we are confident to bring investors added value from the products and services provided by the company.
  • Value Chain: As part of VNDirect’s value chain, IPAAM inherits a diverse customer network to gain a solid relationship and an understanding of potential investment companies. Therefore, we not only selectively evaluate effective investment but also connect potential investment opportunities, strategic partners and investors. With the customer-centric principle, we build products that meet the investor’s essential needs to ensure liquidity and long-term assets demand



Becoming the most reliable fund management company for investors aiming to invest securely to choose