IPA Asset Management

Established in 2008, IPAAM is currently a fund management company 100% owned by VNDIRECT SECURITIES CORPORATION. We offer a wide range of mutual funds, investment portfolios and securities investment advisory services to individual and institutional investors. We look forward to accompanying investors on the path to building financial health and investment peace of mind with a comprehensive ecosystem of investment products and solutions.


Our Value

  • Technology advantage: IPAAM and VNDIRECT are market leaders in technology. We have a strong technology infrastructure that effectively supports our investment analysis, monitoring and management. We have a comprehensive wealth management platform that helps investors to conveniently and securely trade investment assets online.
  • People: we have a highly experienced team in professional investment management. Each member of our team has extensive experience in asset management at various domestic and international financial institutions. With a total of more than 80 years of investment management experience, we are confident to bring value to our clients through the services we offer. We consistently develop compliance and internal control systems, ensuring transparency and quality in the services we provide to customers.
  • Value Chain: As part of VNDIRECT’s value chain, IPAAM inherited a diverse customer network of VNDIRECT. IPAAM has solid relationship with and in-depth understanding of many potential investment companies, which enables us to not only appraise and select investment effectively but also connect potential investment opportunities, strategic partners and investors. With the customer-centric principle, our products are built to serve the essential investment needs of various clients.


Vision and Mission

Become the most trustworthy asset management firm for investors who looking for financial peace of mind.